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Grapevine, Texas 76051
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Phone:  817-416-2222
Toll-Free: 866-549-5455
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Monday-Thursday (9am to 6pm)
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Your RX Pharmacy accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debit card, Flexcards, cash, and check.
Getting Started

Your Rx Pharmacy delivers individualized patient care through our knowledgeable team of pharmacists and staff. We provide high-touch consultative support as our pharmacists have undergone specialty-training and regular patient-interactions over years of service. Our clinical staff also provides in-depth pharmaceutical care by contacting you and your doctor throughout the entire length of your medication treatment plan to maximize your therapy benefits and answer any questions that you may have. We provide more than just medications. By providing more channels for you to access efficient relief and support, Your Rx Pharmacy is your sure partner that can provide optimal clinical outcomes for you, our patient.

  • 24-Hour Support and Care
    Aside from providing efficient goods and quality services, Your Rx Pharmacy is also distinguished for its excellent support and care. You can guarantee wellness day in and day out as our specially-trained pharmacists and nurses are always available for consultation – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide high-touch support to patients throughout their therapy. Our team of specialists conducts initial assessment when patients are starting on new prescriptions. They mutually work together before dispensing a medication to know what could be best for you. Through the professional involvement of our nursing staff, we help patients mitigate any adverse events and side effects. We help you secure good health right at the time you need it most!
  • Insurance Support
    We understand your struggles. And we wouldn’t want to add more burdens on your part through costly expenses. At Your Rx Pharmacy, we help you understand and make use of your insurance benefits so you can immediately focus your energies in obtaining a good health. And to make things lighter for you, we provide assistance in filing your insurance claims and avail any specialty benefits. You can be confident that things will be easy for you on your road to recovery with us.
  • Easy Medication Access
    Your Rx Pharmacy helps you keep on track with your daily medication needs and their timed consumption through offering a flexible delivery service. You are provided with options in getting your medicines without hassling you. You can choose from picking up your drugs at any nearby Your Rx Pharmacy location or availing a door-to-door delivery service. We deliver rapidly and without any additional charge. With us, you can schedule and plan a delivery service according to your own convenience!
  • Online Prescription Management
    Your Rx Pharmacy secures you with an easier access to health through our user-friendly online tools. We help you obtain relief through our highly efficient products and services right at your own convenience. Find the simplest and most secure way in managing your medications once you’ll register online.
    • Easy and rapid refill request – Are you tired of refilling medications one by one? You can now fill all of your needed drugs and supplies at the same time by just clicking our “Refill All” tool.
    • Updated prescription information – Keep on track with your medications as we offer you an easy access to view your prescription history, refills, total costs, and so much more. Every service you get from us is recorded to provide better guidance in assessing your health needs.
    • Easy delivery support – Avail your prescriptions online and set a pick up Your Rx Pharmacy location or a door-to-door service.
    • Prescription information storage – Your specialty prescription information is highly secured with us. You can use this for future cause such as ordering a medication at your most convenient Your Rx Pharmacy branch.