It’s shocking, they have never found need for individuals

It’s shocking, they have never found need for individuals

mimi’s delivery solution

yoonmin: immediately after he could be of age jimin leaves home to accept as the an excellent witch inside the a faraway urban area. they are unaware that once he‘s out of his home town he’s going to totally free his cat familiar out of a spell. today his cat has actually an individual function and he states become a good warlock named min yoongi!

taekook: immediately following months away from maybe not seeing both, jungkook courageously comes up at the kim’s bakery ignoring their boyfriend’s punishment. taehyung panics and you can uses a potion regarding jimin’s room to full cover up jungkook. jungkook does not turn invisible, though; the guy becomes a rabbit.

baseball au

soccer team head Minute Yoongi ultimately features a great crush to the someone! Park Jimin, the latest college student is actually lucky to have the captain’s attention however, the latest son does not want almost anything to create which have soccer members, the guy detests basketball.

soulmate bien au

as opposed to most people, jimin cannot believe in the accuracy of soulmate program. he cannot value selecting their soulmate because the the guy doubts he’ll be seduced by her or him. having said that he will refute fate as he meets his soulmate. also crappy he cannot end considering him.

household members soulmates

Yoongi knows they are petty however, the guy extremely hates his mom’s date. Even after their soulmate draw looked as he came across the fresh man out of told you child. If your getting rejected with the man is stronger than the will to possess Jimin, how come they damage a whole lot becoming apart?

glucose kids

from year to year, yoongi’s cousin will bring family another type of mate because of their family vacation to your countryside. yoongi’s family members legal your but yoongi has not really cared. up until this time, whenever yoongi takes a strong taste with the his uncle’s sugar baby, a son as much as their many years called jimin.


big date travelling

yoongi was an occasion traveler in love, that’s a challenge by itself. in order to allow it to be even worse, it occurs that he is in love with jimin, the guy trailing this new prevent in the hotel diyosuun, a vintage place where date visitors go to repair their wounds. a location jimin cannot get off.

phony dating series

yoonmin: immediately following delivering an unclothed to his household members to your accident jimin lies on with a sweetheart to cover up the truth about their fetish account. jimin’s father wants to satisfy told you boyfriend and best choice for this appears to be jimin’s stoic photographer, min yoongi.

taekook: ever since it came across, taehyung’s cameraman is without question after your but taehyung keeps denied every one of their advances, acting as if the he was tired of her or him. that is up until boys and taehyung cannot help however, miss out the focus.

fuckboy bien au

yoonmin: Yoongi was an excellent fuckboy who wants to hook with innocent Jimin of Values class for the trouble of corrupting the latest sweet kid. Looks like Jimin is not as straight because men thinks. Thus maybe Yoongi could be the you to definitely used at the end

taekook: Taehyung actually sure why he declined his family relations which have masters love confession. over the course of per week, while he and Jungkook float aside and you may Taehyung initiate missing him, Taehyung concerns his attitude and you will finds himself regretting his decision.

opposites interest

Because the bashful Yoongi does not know how to act around his break their close friends recommend he gets advice from their roommate, cluster creature Jimin. However, Yoongi actually keen on people also unlike your and how can someone such Jimin help him?

yoongi is perhaps all one

Jimin features an idea: folks are just common because of whom they time. If what is needed to turn the absolute most undesirable pupil towards the brand new school’s focal point is actually some body well-known interested in them, Jimin can change loner Min Yoongi with the prom queen.

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